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Math Teacher's Resource produces free software and instructional content created for teachers seeking effective and dynamic tools to demonstrate mathematical concepts.

Learn more about us and our mission. We're working to support math educators everywhere.

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Demonstrate trig function definitions and arc length on a circle.

Demonstrate the basic trig function equations.

Graph x-y relations, polar functions, and solve equations.

Create trigonometric circle diagrams.

Plot the powers and roots of complex numbers.

Explore the famous Mandelbrot Set.

Quickly create custom in-class or take-home content.

Download and use for free.


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Explore classic simulations including:

Birthday, Casino Craps, Monte Carlo π/4, Buffon's Coin and Needle, Triangle and Stick plus much more.

Demonstrate probability distributions including:

Single and multiple dice toss, Binomial Poisson, Geometric, HyperGeometric, Normal, Exponential, t-Distribution plus much more.

Calculate cumulative probability, inverse probability, and critical values.

Quickly create custom in-class or take-home content.

Download and use for free.

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