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Math Teacher's Resource is a donations funded organization that offers intuitive, dynamic, and effective software and instructional content to mathematics teachers everywhere. We believe that providing easy and free access to quality educational tools is  especially important in this world of tightening educational budgets and increased teacher responsibilities. We're a small family run organization, and our web site and blog is our labor of love. We're continually working to offer more content and develop new software for teachers, tutors, and general math enthusiasts, no matter their budget, with the goal of creating a truly great math resource and community. Thank-you for all your support!


Our Software

Math Teacher's Resource was founded by George Johnson, a fellow math teacher and computer programmer. The software, Basic Trig Functions and Probability Simulations, offered by Math Teacher's Resource is the result of George's dedication to teaching and his interest in developing interactive instructional tools to help math teachers engage their students and demonstrate concepts that can be difficult with traditional teaching resources. When students can interact and explore, it makes learning (and teaching) math fun!


Our software is based on real-world experience in teaching students of all ability levels. For many years, George has used the software when developing instructional material and when lecturing in his own classrooms. He has found the software to be invaluable for teaching core concepts in trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and algebra. We think that other creative and passionate math teachers will also find the software available from Math Teacher's Resource equally useful.

Our mission is to promote and facilitate math education by offering teachers and schools free and useful instructional tools for the modern classroom.

George Johnson teaching in his classroom -still got it!

Our Instructional Content and Blog

The free instructional content offered in this web site and our blog are based on George's 30+ years of teaching experience. New blog posts are published weekly-ish and cover a wide range of math topics, but always with the intent of looking at math in new and interesting ways for both teachers and students. But don't let us have all the fun - we would love to hear your ideas for blog post topics and share content that you find valuable and interesting. Please feel free to contact us to share your ideas, content, and comments.


About George Johnson, Founder

George holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics from Western Illinois University. From 1971 to 2000, he taught computer programming and general mathematics through calculus at the high school level. From 1995 to present, he has been an adjunct instructor in the mathematics department in a junior college, where he has taught developmental, general education, and technical math courses, in addition to calculus and statistics.


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